Phillips Screw Company's new logo plays on brand heritage

One of the best-known fastener brands in the world, the Phillips Screw Company, has updated its corporate image with the launch of a new logo.

The updated logo plays on Phillips' original innovation. The firm said that the updated logo is a way to help customers, licensees, and consumers better identify The Phillips Screw Company as the original inventor and licensor of the Phillips cruciform drive system.

“Our previous logo didn’t truly convey our origins, which we believe is an important part of our heritage as well as part of our ongoing marketing strategy” stated Ken Hurley, Phillips Screw Company CEO.

“It was time to update our image and ensure that our customers understand our brand positioning. We believe our new logo does just that”, Hurley went on to say. The new logo incorporates a set of right-hand threads into the letter “P” of Phillips. Also, there is a graphic of what most would consider a Phillips cross recess head, although it actually contains a hint of a more recent innovation known as the “Phillips Square-Driv®”. The logo concludes with the simple tag line of “The Original. Since 1935.”

The new logo is being added to websites, packaging, business cards, and letterhead. Phillips expects that a full transition of all of their media and collateral material will take a couple of months.

Phillips Screw Company, Inc was founded in 1933 and patented the Phillips drive system in 1935. It is based in Burlington, Massachusetts.