Peugeot drives into the cordless power tool market

Peugeot has joined the cordless power tool fray with a range of 12 tools aimed at the DIY market.

The firm is better known for its motor vehicles (and bicycles) but actually has roots in the tools manufacturing sector that date back to 1810. Now the firm has returned to tools, likely due in part to its growing expertise in battery technology as the motor industry slowly shifts to electric vehicles.

While clearly not Peugeot's core business, the firm is no doubt hoping to take some share of the busy power tools market, which was reported to be worth $27.11 billion in 2017 and $35.64 billion by 2023. (The fastening power tools market is said to reach $4.1 billion by 2026).

Two-tone automotive colours

Peugeot's range - dubbed EnergyHub - was first unveiled at the Hanover and Paris Motor Shows in September 2018 and now the cordless dozen is available for sale - UK DIYers will have to order the tools through the European website, with the prices listed in Euros. The cordless tools build on Peugeot's EnergyDrills launched in 2017 and have been designed by the Peugeot Design Lab. Peugeot Outillage is a sister company of Peugeot and specialises in products and services for the DIY market.

Prices ranging from €79.99 to €289, and the design has been inspired by the two-tone “Coupe-Franche” two-tone paint of the PEUGEOT 3008 SUV and PEUGEOT 308 GTi. Each tool comes with a kit that includes safety goggles, a dust mask and earplugs.

The full PEUGEOT wireless tools EnergyHub range includes:

  • The EnergyDrill-18VPBL2 hammer drill
  • The EnergyPunch-18VBL jackhammer drill
  • The EnergySaw-J18V jigsaw
  • The EnergySaw-C18VBL circular saw
  • The EnergySand-18V orbital sander
  • The EnergyGrind-18VBL angle grinder
  • The EnergyBrush-18VBLrestorer
  • The EnergyTool-18V multi-function tool