Oils, sprays and lubricants: microGLEIT & ROCOL

Torque Magazine rounds up the latest news from the oils, sprays and lubricants sector with releases from microGLEIT and ROCOL...

microGLEIT DF 921N – The Product for More Performance
microGLEIT® is a leading supplier of dry film lubricants for fasteners. Intensive development work and the experience of many years of practice with products and processes result in a wide range of reliable “friction adjusters.”

Lubricants are indispensable for adjusting the coefficient of friction to desired values and narrowing down the standard deviation of the friction values of modern connection elements.

microGLEIT® DF dry films are mostly water‐based lubricant systems containing contain PE (polyethylene) and partly additives such as PTFE or wax.

microGLEIT DF 921 is a water based suspension of microWHITE solid lubricants – no hazard labelling required. The transparent, semi‐matt dry film provides good lubrication properties.

Additionally, the microGLEIT DF 921 features high abrasion resistance, no impact on the substrate material, high adhesion on a wide variety of materials. It is also environmentally friendly and suitable for automatic parts feeding and automatic bolting.

The field of application for microGLEIT DF 921 are bulk‐parts, which have to be coated economically for defined friction values. The coating is used to achieve a defined, predictable frictional behaviour, thus enabling easy and faster assembly. The dry lubricant replaces oil or grease lubrication.

Typically DF 921 is applied on:

  • Chipboard and wood screws
  • Facade screws
  • Electroplated bolts and nuts
  • Stainless steel bolts and nuts
  • Pinched nuts
  • Aluminium nuts
  • Bulk parts with inorganic metal coatings
  • Self-tapping and thread forming screws
  • Rivets, Dowels


The ROCOL ULTRAGUARD range has long been popular with regular customers as the partner to its range of cutting fluids and has recently undergone a revamp.

Using the bactericide cutting fluid additive, ULTRAGUARD BX as a trial, the company changed the pack size from one litre to five litres, upped the dilution to 2,000 to 1, and added a fill indicator, making it easy to see how much is left in a pack.

These changes were well received by customers, with the brand being informed that the new pack size is easier to store and the change in dilution means that customers do not need to order the product as regularly, thus making it more cost effective.

After the initial one‐year trial, the entire ULTRAGUARD range has now moved over to the new five‐litre pack size, enabling all ULTRAGUARD customers to benefit from the changes, regardless of which product they use.

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