Master Abrasives appointed UK agent for Thielenhaus Superfinish Innovation

Master Abrasives has been appointed to represent Superfinish Innovation AG, a division of Thielenhaus Technologies GmbH, as its agent in the UK & Ireland.

Their superfinishing devices working with tapes or stones are offered for high-precision applications requiring optimum geometry and surface quality.

The superfinishing process is used in automotive, aerospace and many other markets for improved surface quality of components. Benefits of applying the superfinishing process in manufacturing include reduced workpiece wear, increased percentage contact area, improved energy efficiency and savings in workpiece material and weight.

“As a provider of abrasive solutions including superfinishing and lapping tapes, the range of Thielenhaus Superfinish Innovation tape finishers fits well into our existing precision product portfolio,” explained Ian Meredith, Applications Engineering Manager. “The standard tape finisher model SL50 will be available for demonstration in our grinding and finishing showroom from early 2018, so we would encourage any interested customers to book an appointment now to see it in action.”

Thielenhaus Superfinish Innovation has an established reputation under the Thielenhaus group for its high-quality tape finishers. Master Abrasives said the devices provide manufacturers with the option to cost-effectively apply precision machining methods to individual parts, small batches and prototypes using an existing supporting machine, e.g. a lathe or grinding machine, and so achieve high-quality surfaces and geometric improvements on components such as gear shafts, rolls, piston rods and many others. They can be operated manually or using a programmable control unit, depending on requirements.

Once a component is ready for its final finishing stage, the tape finisher attachment device can be used for the superfinishing process whilst mounted to a suitable machine bed. The workpiece is rotated and the attachment device is operated via the supporting machine, while the control unit of the attachment device regulates the oscillation of the tool and the contact pressure. Depending on the device, the oscillation frequency can be up to 2,000 double strokes per minute. All rotationally symmetrical work pieces of any hardness that can be fixed between centres can be processed using these devices. This includes large calendar rollers in the paper, textile and plastics industries which can be finished with the tape finisher in their installed state and thus reconditioned.

The range of tape finishers by Thielenhaus Superfinish Innovation includes versions up-to 50mm or up-to 100mm wide tape contact roller width to suit different requirements. Their standard tape finisher is model SL50 with a double-side mounted tape contact roller. This device is equipped with sensors and can be integrated directly into a machine. It has an oscillation frequency of 300-1,400 double-strokes per minute.

The KG series tape finisher is a slimline device which can be used narrowly side by side for applications such as camshaft finishing. An example in this range is the KG50-DB, a double-tape-device which can finish two back-to-back positioned parts at the same time. It can take different diameter parts and each roll of tape can be fed with a different speed.

As well as tape finisher attachments, Thielenhaus Superfinish Innovation offers stone finishers which can be integrated into the supporting machine. Additionally, their range of superfinishing Cube-series machines provide a fast change-over of work-pieces and can be operated manually or featured as fully-automated machines. Due to their modular construction system, they can be used on nearly all types of work-pieces. A complete overview of the range is shown in their overall flyer, available on request or for download on Master Abrasives website.

Thielenhaus Superfinish Innovation takes a solutions-based approach to applications, offering free of charge trials to customers with the aim of achieving the best process to meet their requirements. Stock removal and the resulting finish depends on the machine settings such as speed and pressure as well as the grade of finish or lapping tape used, all of which is considered throughout the trials. Once the application details and requirements have been provided by the customer using Master Abrasives trial form, the Switzerland-based manufacturer can take a limited number of the customers components and polish them free of charge as part of this trial process. Master Abrasives application engineers will co-ordinate trials for customers based in the UK & Ireland and will ensure that their customer is happy with the results.

Ian Meredith concluded: “Having recently formed our applications engineering team to provide support on technical products, we would be happy to work with customers on solving application problems. This is a high-quality line of products for an extremely precise process and we are confident that these tape finishers will provide a solution to our customers superfinishing needs.”