Mackays and Draper tool up for Repair Cafe

Mackays and Draper Tools have teamed up to get behind Repair Cafe in Cambridge and the surrounding area.

Repair Cafe is a worldwide concept designed to stop serviceable items from ending up in landfill. Repairers meet in community halls and offer to repair items free of charge while helping teach some of their skills at the same time. The Repair Cafes also act as social hubs for communities.

After being approached by local Repair Cafe organiser Chris Moller, Neil Mackay decided to get behind the concept. A 'Central Toolkit' idea was developed, which would be available to all local Repair Cafe's free on loan. Mackay supplier Draper Tools were enthused by the idea and offered to supply the entire Toolkit.

Last week (Tuesday 5 July) a meeting at the Eagle Labs facility in Chesterton Road launched the Repair Cafe Toolkit.