Lederer launches digital 3D virtual tour

In the spirit of further digitalisation, Lederer has launched a walk-in 3D model of the company to welcome visitors during times of social distancing.

Volker Lederer, Managing Director, said: "Corona has of course significantly reduced personal visits to our site. Therefore, our brand new 3D model is exactly the right way to give customers, partners, suppliers and applicants a really very realistic sense of space and show them our true size.”

The new virtual reality tour was created during four days of shooting where the entire Lederer infrastructure was scanned with various 3D cameras, both optically and by infrared.

The tour features individual floors that can be selectively faded in and out and interactive touchpoints that provide additional information and highlights. The viewer is able to navigate to building areas and rooms by clicking, touching or swiping.

Markus Gebehenne, Marketing Manager, said: “The tour works absolutely intuitively and is very true to reality - as if you were really on site. The technology used here is unique and a contemporary way to conduct customer appointments and company visits.”

The virtual tour allows visitors to visit the sales department, incoming goods, the automated warehouse, the offices, or the outgoing goods department. They can also watch the finished tour as a film. Gebehenne added: "A guided tour together with the visitor is also possible. He sees on his screen what we show him, where we take him. In this way, we experience a joint tour as if we were on site,"

Volker Lederer said: “We are not a small fastener distributor but a highly modern, innovative and diverse wholesale company. Many digital processes and solutions, combined with efficient and state-of-the-art technology and highly trained employees form the basis of our success. The step to 3D technology was therefore obvious for us. Everyone who has used our virtual tour so far is thrilled - as are we.”

The virtual tour can be seen here.

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