Joinlox launches 3 new fastening and joining products, grows distribution

Joinlox has now signed up 160 new stocking distributors for Striplox and has released three new products to meet customer needs.

The range, targeting the joining, fastening and hardware market, has now been joined by the 180D, Megalox and No 20 Biscuit.

Striplox Sales and Marketing Manager, Dean Urquhart (pictured) said Striplox’s marketing leading edge is due to its ability to quickly design and create new products fast to meet immediate customer needs: “Our intuitive design, manufacture and delivery speed is precise and rapid, making us a leading innovation company that meets real customer needs.”

“The new 180D connector has been specially designed for fast assembly of furniture, exhibition displays and signage with its simple flush or surface mounting application,” said Urquhart.

“With safety in mind, there are no exposed screws, and it joins large and heavy tables such as restaurant benches, conference tables, boardroom tables and office workstations. It’s an ideal solution in the exhibition display and manufacturing industries to install walls and connect furniture rapidly,” he added.

“The new Megalox offers many benefits to countertop installations. It is the partitioning solution for kitchens, offices, exhibition displays, toilets, bathroom and locker rooms, tabletop installations in kitchens, food retail stores and applications in manufacturing.

“Like all Striplox products, the No 20 Biscuit is made from high quality heat stabilized glass reinforced nylon and does not swell or lose form like typical wooden biscuits,” he concluded.

Striplox makes every unique joining application streamlined and concealed for use on solid timber, MDF, composite panels, aluminium features, balsa wood plus more. Striplox is easy to install, fully adjustable, highly customisable and made from environmentally friendly, durable, heat stabilized glass reinforced nylon.

Aesthetically, Striplox is designed to replace visible screws, brackets, fittings, connectors, latches, cam and dowels, mounting blocks and other mechanical components providing leading edge design solutions. Striplox can be surface or rebate mounted in either vertical or horizontal positions.