INDEX launches TH/TF metal anchors for large loads

INDEX A Perfect Fixing has started 2021 with the launch of a new catalogue and an extensive offering of new products featuring the new range of TH/TF metal anchors for large loads.

The new range consists of nine models with different heads in a wide selection of metrics, diameters and lengths. There are two types of coatings available: Zinc-plated and Atlantis C3-H, a special coating offering effective protection against corrosion in category C3 atmospheres in accordance with the ISO 9223 standard.

 Reinforcing INDEX's commitment to offering quality products, the new range is approved under the strictest quality standards:

  • Approved (ETA 20/0046) in option 1 for installation in cracked and non-cracked concrete (C20/25-C50/60).
  • Approved (ETA 20/0494) for non-structural redundant systems in concrete (C20/25) and hollow-core slabs (≥ C30/37).
  • Approved for fire resistance R30-R120 in concrete.

Additionally, the anchor can be installed with reduced distances between anchors and at the edge of the concrete element, because it uses mechanical interference between the thread and the base material to generate a smaller load on the concrete.

The anchor can be installed with just a drill and an impact driver, significantly reducing and simplifying installation time. It is not necessary to clean the holes in vertical installations and in roofs and/or floors. It can also be unscrewed for correct adjustment and up to three approved screw-in depths. Once installed it is easily removable, making it a good solution for temporary installations.

 Characteristics and advantages:

  • Optimised threads to guarantee maximum loads.
  • Removable anchor.
  • Approved for cracked and non-cracked concrete.
  • Seismic C1&C2 assessment and fire resistance R30-R120.
  • It is not necessary to clean the holes in vertical installations (ceiling and floor).
  • It can be unscrewed for correct adjustment.
  • Up to three screw-in depths.
  • High protection against corrosion (ATLANTIS C3-H version).
  • Available in a complete range of diameters.
  • Screwed with impact power tool

The INDEX 2021 general catalogue features over 7,000 references, in addition to over 650 products and 150 novelties.

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