Henkel and Loctite launch e-learning platform

Henkel and Loctite launch a new e-learning platform, the LOCTITE XPLORE. The platform was created in a bid to ensure that the brands expertise in engineering adhesive technology is available to assembly and maintenance professionals, anytime and anywhere.

The platform’s content is designed to be entertaining and is delivered by a cartoon character called LOC. Additionally, LOCTITE XPLORE is completely free.

Whether the challenge is to create more innovative product designs or to reduce unplanned plant downtime and improve efficiency, LOCTITE XPLORE can help engineers make informed decisions within their area of expertise.

To give customers a flavour of what’s in store, the first topic is now ready to view; threaded fasteners, why do they fail?  Hosted by LOC, the seven-module programme covers every aspect of thread locking.

LOCTITE XPLORE has been optimised for use on mobile devices to ensure the resource is available in the field. To learn more and for quick and easy registration, click here.

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