FOCUS on rivets: Degometal

DEGOMETAL was created in 1967. This major European supplier is committed to quality, with production plants ISO 9001:2008, EN NF9100 and AQAP2120 Ed.3 certified. The company says: “We work with renowned industrial groups in various sectors including the automotive industry, electrotechnics, electrical appliances and the construction industry. We have also created a network of partner-customers within specialised distribution.”

DEGOMETAL’s production units, created in 1977 and 1985, have a variety of machines that allow them to meet small or large orders in a quick and efficient way, using cold-forming machines (with two to five blows) and rolling machines, as well as assembly machines. DEGOMETAL says that its knowhow in manufacturing rivets, combined with a constant drive for research and innovation, allows it to meet custom requirements by changing standard features or by delivering adapted solutions, directly off-plan or through an analysis of its customers’ technical specifications. “A strict quality control guarantees the reliability of our products,” the firm adds.

The complete lines of rivets (blind, solid, semi-tubular and tubular rivets), represents a whopping 70% of DEGOMETAL’s turnover.

The “4-jaw” nail technology, for blind rivets, provides a precise mandrel breaking point, a constant tensile strength and special mechanical and dimensional characteristics for developing specific products.

“Our expertise allows us to design and produce cold formed and rolled special pieces, and to develop parts from other manufacturing process such as turning, stamping and from tube material,” says DEGOMETAL. “We offer a wide choice of surface treatments: zinc plating, nickel plating, anodization, lacquering.

“Our product stocks (10,000), our fast reaction times and our flexibility are some of our major assets. Shipping is fast, and after-sales service is readily available.”

Degometal also offers additional items including blind rivet nuts, tools, screws, cable ties, cold formed and rolled parts, turned and stamped parts.

This article originally appeared in the February edition of Torque Magazine. Read the magazine in our archive and subscribe for free here