Fixings and anchors round-up: pgb-Europe, Index, Eurotec, HECO & Hafren

LOADED WITH INNOVATION: This issue’s diverse anchor round-up summarises the latest in anchor technology, security and approvals from pgb-Europe, Index, Eurotec, HECO and Hafren…


pgb’s S-IPT 8mm anchor is a screwed-in fixing strongly recommended for thick insulations. With its short embedment depth, it is a versatile solution for all base materials. The S-IPT 8mm is available with a plastic and metal screw with an over-injected plastic cap. The plate offers good stiffness for optimal holding of the insulation material.

The S-IPH 10mm is a hammered-in fixing with very good pullout resistance and a very short installation time. It is also approved for all base materials and is available with a plastic and metal pin with an over-injected plastic cap.

Accessories such as special insulation discs for soft insulations, like mineral wool, make the SMART insulation plugs suitable for all jobs. Meanwhile, pgb’s STY anchor is a special threaded insulation plug to fix light things to external insulation. The optimal design requires no pre-drilling and doesn’t cause damage to the plaster.


Index has updated its range of Chemical Anchors with new products, assessments and a simpler, more intuitive appearance. The new range has an improved formula to increase the loads supported, range of temperatures of handling, curing and greater flexibility in depths of installation.

Meanwhile, the firm’s new Metal Sleeve Anchor (CH) has a new ETA Option 7 assessment and features major improvements to its features and dependability which, according to Index, means the anchor’s performance is improved by 20%.

Finally, the company has also introduced its new Metal Male Anchor (MTH-A2) stainless steel range, also ETA Option 7 approved, which has a 40% greater load capacity compared to the authentic MTH. The MTH-A2 is also equipped with ETA and Fire Resistance approvals.

Hafren Security Fasteners

Hafren’s versatile sleeve anchor is suited for applications in a wide variety of base materials including: cement, block, thin wall/solid concrete, brick and stone.

The all-steel ribbed sleeve design assures holding power of the expansion sleeve, which has a 360° contact area for even stress load capacity. Meanwhile, the mechanical expansion action allows immediate load application, saving time and money when fixing applications that require a firm hold. Sleeve anchors are available in both Bright Zinc Plated (Cr-3) Steel for internal use and A2 Stainless Steel for external application.

Hafren’s range of security anchors also come in a variety of head and security drive styles for varied applications and finished looks. The Kinmar® Permanent drive offers an accurate torque-controlled one-way security fixing which can be re-torqued if necessary. The Kinmar Removable version allows for a two-way security fixing for use where access is required for maintenance.

Six-lobe Pin anchors are available in Button Head and Countersunk offering a removable high torque anchor fixing.


Eurotec’s Bolt Anchor is now available in stainless steel A4. The anchor is a torque-controlled expanding plug made of electrogalvanised steel for throughhole mounting in uncracked concrete. The innovation within this particular bolt anchor is that it is possible to maintain small centre and edge distances despite the high load-bearing capacity.

Different anchoring depths and various sizes mean the bolt anchor can be used in a variety of ways. Every bolt anchor is fitted with an expansion clip, which ensures high load-bearing capacity and means fewer fastening points are needed. The bolt anchor is also certified according to ETA-18/00533.


HECO’s Multi-Monti-Plus (MMS-Plus) screw anchors have been awarded general construction technique permission for fastenings in masonry by the German Institute of Building Technology (DIBt), making the firm Europe’s first supplier of screw anchors with such approval, according to HECO.

HECO’s screw anchors for fastenings in masonry boast cost-effective through-hole technology and can be installed in brick, sand-lime brick, perforated sand-lime brick, sand-lime brick XL and lightweight concrete without the need for individual approval. The approval applies to MMSplus screw anchors with diameters of 6, 7.5, 10 and 12 mm and for all available head types.

The approval is particularly significant because it also covers single fastenings so that, providing the relevant effective forces are taken into account, the use of anchor groups is no longer mandatory, saving time and material as well as reducing labour; rather than the drill hole needing to be blown or brushed out in compliance with approval standards, the screw anchor can be inserted directly into the drill hole.

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