fischer triumphs in 5 categories at the German Brand Award 2020

fischer group has won five categories in the German Brand Award 2020, winning gold in the social media discipline.

The fastening specialist received further awards for its newly launched range brand Ganz Ohne Werkzeug for its fischer TourTruck and for the marketing campaign for its range of concrete screws. In the 'Excellent Brands' competition, fischer was also recognised as the winner in the Building and Elements industry.

Marc-Sven Mengis, fischer CEO, said: "Marketing is very important in our company, We are always breaking new ground in order to address our customer groups effectively and thus achieve economic success. The five prizes at the German Brand Award honour the commitment of our employees and confirm that we are continuing our innovative course."

The firm won gold in the 'Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation - Brand Communication - Social Media' category, one of the highest awards in the competition.

The jury of the German Brand Award said of their decision: "Company values such as modern and dynamic are just as noticeable as the dimensions are appealing, which has resulted in a clear emotionalisation of the brand. A professionally made, contemporary appearance that focuses on the target group and also makes a relevant contribution in the area of employer branding."

fischer has been implementing its new social media strategy since 2017 and has rolled it out in 30 of its 49 national companies.

"Since then, the profiles of our six channels and our fischer blog the planning of content and multimedia formats, and our brand presence have gained in stringency, recognition value and effectiveness," said Volker Amann, Managing Director of International Marketing at Fisher. "We reach end customers more directly, more specifically and with a long reach. And in dialogue with the users we gain new insights."

The German Brand Award 2020 saw 1,200 entries from 14 countries, with a gold award bestowed upon only 47 projects and brands, including 22 in the 'Excellence in Brand Strategy and Creation' competition.