fischer named 'Germany's best employer 2021'

Fischer has been named ‘Germany’s best employer 2021’ by Stern Magazine. The award from the weekly magazine for the fischer Group of Companies is the result of a survey carried out by the magazine with the marketing research company Statista, involving more than 47,500 employees from 650 companies.

In the previous survey by Stern and Statista, a total of 1.73 million reviews were analysed. To this end, professional market researchers questioned the employees who gave their comments online. The prerequisite was a minimum of 500 employees in Germany.

The questionnaire on each company was comprised of more than 50 topics. The employer brand with which the company publicly appears, and recruits’ employees was evaluated. Due to the survey taking place in the summer of 2020, between the first and second wave of coronavirus, the employees involved in the survey were also able to take their employers crisis management into account in their assessment.

The large-scale study by Stern and Statista was held for the first-time last year.

Despite the negative global impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the fischer Group of Companies ended the 2020 financial year on a successful note with a gross turnover of 872 million euro, only slightly below the figures of the previous year (887 million euro).

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