Fastener Innovation Awards winners announced for 2021

Fastener has announced the seven winners of the original Fastener Innovation Awards for the 2021 class.

Fastener has developed the Fastener Innovation Award to recognise the people and companies that are leading the way to specific performance with new fastener innovation, development, and design.

Today, fastener engineers and designers dictate that fasteners are an important component of product design and are first thought in specifying fastening application.

The Certificate of Recognition along with the modern Crystal Marquise globe will be delivered in early April to the following seven winners;

  • APM HEXSEAL (Nutzilla)
  • CAMO® Fasteners (EDGEXMETAL™ Clips)
  • Cat’s Claw Fasteners© (Cat’s Claw Fasteners©)
  • Jergens® (Lift-Check™)
  • Multi Piece Fastener (Foreverlok™)
  • SPIROL® International (Press-N-Lok™)

The Fastener Innovation Awards is a year around project and will now receive applications for the 2022 class. For more details, contact Mike McGuire at

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