Eurotec takes on rust with latest range

Eurotec has come up with a new product from its HQ in Hagen, Germany, that fights against rust and boosts longevity.

Made from stainless steel, the new long bits come in different torx sizes and are handily classified with the simple Eurotec colour code system: White TX10; brown TX 15; yellow TX20; blue TX25 and red TX30.

Especially suitable for screwing in stainless steel screws, the bits won’t cause abrasion of other steels, effectively preventing corrosion risk and avoiding rust-based complications down the line. Eurotec explained: “Stainless steel tools have several advantages in contrast to conventional
tools. They convince with corrosion resistance, with low-maintenance durability (with appropriate care and cleaning) and also low costs, as high investment costs are offset by low follow-up costs. Normal tools often need to be replaced after only a short time when the surface is damaged and the use of these tools are not usable any longer. Over a longer period of time stainless steel tools are much more economic than others.”

Find more info on the new stainless steel bits on the Eurotec homepage.