Challenge Europe broadens range with consumables

Challenge Europe's new brochure features ex-stock supply of miscellaneous consumables to complement its range of fastenings and fixings.

The additions have been designed to appeal to anyone who uses threaded fasteners in a production or installation environment, and is therefore likely to value the support of these related materials on a one-stop-shop basis.

Obvious additions include lubricants, adhesives and sealants, tools and abrasives, bearings and “O” rings, push-on fixings and through bolts. Associated consumables cover wall plugs, circlips, inserts, spacers and cable ties. On the more discrete component side, Challenge Europe have a range of security screws from Hafren, pre-packs, sub-assemblies, threaded protection caps and plugs, hose clips, tool clips, wire inserts from Helicoil, plus taps, dies and drills.

Associated general products from Action Can further support engineers in their daily tasks with industrial lubricants, cleaning sprays, foams and many related aerosols such as copper grease, cutting fluids, car cleaner, anti-static spray, welders anti-splatter spray, brake and clutch cleaner, glass cleaner, chain lube (also food grade), freeze spray, electrical control cleaner, isopropyl alcohol cleaner, corrosion inhibitors, stainless steel cleaner and many more.

MD Kevin Moorcroft explained: “As engineers, we were determined to provide manufacturers with the sort of package that we would want for ourselves, and I believe we have done exactly that.”