Beck introduces new LIGNOLOC® wooden nail with head

Austrian manufacturer BECK has designed a new wooden LIGNOLOC® nail with head which will be launched in early 2022.

After months of R&D work and fine-tuning by BECK, the pilot production run of the new LIGNOLOC® nails with head and the technical modification of the F60 LIGNOLOC® handheld nailer, to accept the nails with head, has concluded. The main target application is horizontal and vertical wood cladding. Lead user market tests were carried out in September.

LIGNOLOC® is the most sustainable professional fastening system on the market with more than 70 % lower CO2 emission vs. conventional systems. Furthermore, LIGNOLOC® provides additional benefits such as less thermal conductivity, corrosion and chemical resistance and less tool wear when cutting and grinding wooden elements. The ecological fastening system made of the renewable raw material beech wood is ideal for all timber construction companies that want to implement their projects metal-free and highly efficiently.

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