Taiwan Hardware Show 2020: On course for a physical show that will unlock market opportunities

The Taiwan Hardware Show (THS) focuses on Taiwan’s Hand Tools Industry and unsurprisingly will this year include some focus on identifying opportunities amid crises and how to leverage the resulting opportunities.

Due to the Covid‐19 pandemic, many global hardware trade fairs this year have been postponed to 2021. However, not all countries have fared the same and Taiwan’s success in combating the coronavirus has made it possible for the Taiwan Hardware Show (THS) 2020 to take place as scheduled (13‐15 October) at the Taichung International Exhibition Centre.

That makes it the only hardware and hand tools trade show taking place worldwide this year, so says organiser Kaigo and fellow co‐organiser the Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers' Association (THTMA).

Kaigo and THTMA have enjoyed a long‐term partnership that has seen the scale of the event increase over the years and likewise expand the show’s business opportunities. With Covid‐19 disruption opening the door for businesses to review how and with whom they do business, the show organisers have pledged to highlight Taiwan’s manufacturing prowess.

Taiwan’s handling of Covid‐19 has reportedly meant little disruption to the island’s supply chain and manufacturing industries. For that reason, more international buyers are expected to attend THS, say the show organisers. During the pandemic, Kaigo has stayed connected with the global hardware industry by contacting international buyers and media via EDM, sharing Taiwan’s successful experience of containing the virus while reassuring potential visitors that hardware production continues with business as usual. Kaigo has also highlighted the advantages of THS as an optimal one‐stop sourcing platform that facilitates new product displays, business negotiations, and factory visits. Using Taiwan’s impressive performance in handling Covid‐19, Kaigo has dedicated itself to providing the safest and best environment possible for exhibitors and international buyers to do business, it says.


THTMA Chairman Hsin‐Te Huang suggested that Taiwan’s hand tools industry should “seek business opportunities amid crisis, and leverage the opportunities to set new records”. It’s easy to lose sight of the fact that it’s not just the Covid‐19 recovery that has caused disruption – and potentially business opportunities. The US‐China trade disputes continue to shape the global supply chain network too. Product orders diverted from China as well as diversifying outsourcing manufacturing risks are all factors that international companies will consider while redeveloping their procurement strategy. As such, the industry has to plan ahead during the pandemic. Fang‐Wei Hsiao, Coordinator of the Market Development Division at THTMA, explains: “An economic crisis is generally followed by waves of new industry growth, and the current global situation has presented Taiwanese businesses a great opportunity to join the trade show and prove themselves as reliable and trustworthy partners to buyers.”

Being relatively free from the impact of coronavirus, Taiwan’s industries will look to respond quickly to pent up demand of the global market as lockdown restrictions relax internationally. Three metal trade fairs will run in October; Taipei AMPA, THS, and Taiwan International Fastener Show – will take place in Northern, Central, and Southern Taiwan respectively. Together, the three events are set to demonstrate the capabilities and potential of Taiwan’s metal industry to the fullest. THS kicks off the event series, with a modified exhibition area plan to capitalise on the stay at home phenomenon, featuring Tools & Accessories, Garden & Outdoor Equipment, Locks & Fittings, Building Supplies, and Safety Equipment & Products. Another three exhibit areas are also in place as the industry recovers, including Automotive Supplies & Accessories, Fasteners & Fittings, and Machines & Plant Equipment. Kaigo is now also launching
event services to meet the needs of participants during the pandemic.

For more details email ths@kaigo.com.tw or call Andrew Liu on +886-2-2595-4212 (ext.725).


This article was originally published in the June 2020 edition of Torque Magazine. Read a copy online today.