New shipping route links China's Zhejiang with Liverpool & Europe

A cargo ship loaded with more than 1,500 containers departed for Liverpool, Britain, from Damaiyu Port in Taizhou City of east China's Zhejiang Province on 27 September, marking the opening of a new shipping route.

The freighter, carrying goods such as Christmas products and daily necessities manufactured by Chinese companies, is scheduled to arrive in Liverpool approximately 30 days later, from where the goods will be transported to other European countries.

Against the backdrop of rising international shipping prices and logistics costs, the opening of the new route is expected to alleviate the pressure of foreign trade enterprises in Taizhou and the surrounding areas, according to Wang Xiongfei, a local shipping service agent.

"Earlier, we had to transport the goods to ports in the cities of Ningbo and Shanghai. The opening of this route will reduce costs and save time, and the move has been well received by enterprises," said Wang.

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