Action Can on its 'toolkit essential range' for professionals and mobile engineers

With an enviable professional engineering heritage behind it, Action Can has introduced its clever TwinSpray valve tech to seven of its core products, creating a ‘toolkit-essential’ line-up for engineers and professionals – as well as distributors and trade counters...

Action Can has a professional engineering heritage that spans back to 1965 and over that time has earned a reputation for reliability and performance.

Now, Action Can’s handy TwinSpray products, first launched with its popular multi‐purpose lubricant AC‐90, has been introduced to a further six aerosols. Designed as a straightforward range where you don’t have to read a dozen technical data sheets to select the correct product, the 7‐strong TwinSpray range are  true toolkit‐essentials for professionals.

“You choose your tools for the job,” Kieran Neale, Action Can Marketing Manager, tells Torque Magazine. “Action Can isn’t a consumer product: it is designed, formulated and made in‐house for professional and mobile engineers. It’s the premium ‘grab‐and‐go’ product. Engineers need something that works and is reliable – they don’t want a call from a job and have to return and sort something out. Our users like the peace of mind and reassurance of our professional engineering heritage and in‐house manufacturing.”


Action Can has been carefully revamping the look of its products, perhaps most notably with application images on the cans that highlight what each product is for, at a glance, with the sprays also sporting that familiar chevron logo. The look of a product has of course always been important, and it’s no less the case for online web shops, explains Neale: “If you walk past a shelf of products you still need something to catch your attention. It’s no different online. If you search for ‘lubricating oil with PTFE’ you will see a list of thumbnail images. Action Can products look just as good on the virtual shelf as on the trade counter shelf.

Action Can has been developing its Point of Sale (PoS) offer for trade counters focused around its professional‐grade multi‐purpose oil ‘AC‐90’, and the  TwinSpray’ range. “We have the merchandising POS and literature options available for distributors to really generate that impulse buy,” enthuses Neale.

“These ‘reopening ready’ POS options including a robust metal rack with side panels that feature the twin spray range; it only takes up 1 ft2 yet is 6 ft high for big impact”. Another floor‐standing display unit is specifically for AC‐90 – the best‐selling multi‐purpose lubricant. With full graphic front and sides, its effectiveness was seen in 2019 when it was launched with a big‐name trade distributor, when sales increased 300% over two months. Finally, there is a smaller counter‐top option to be placed near the order point.

Likewise, digital POS is available too, says Neale: “We’re seeing greater adoption of digital, you can have the digital equivalent of POS. We have a design team geared up to help maximise our visibility and push sales through our stockists. Distributors should get in touch to talk through the options.”


While Action Can is resolutely UK and Ireland‐focused, it has a significant following in Europe – Scandinavia & Greece in particular – and even further afield, in New Zealand. Acquired by CRC UK in 2016, Action Can is part of the wider CRC Industries group. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA; global aerosol manufacturing specialist CRC has production sites in the UK, Belgium, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Being part of a global aerosol manufacturer has had its benefits, particularly through the turbulence of Covid and Brexit.

“When Covid began to impact, we looked back to the financial crash in 2009 to try and understand how industry may be affected. Back then, we saw people  buying more of our products, not less. Production lines had stopped running so engineers embraced the opportunity for large‐scale repair and maintenance. When stopping your production line costs £16,000 an hour, you only shut it when you have a critical failing or for carefully scheduled and planned maintenance.

“That didn’t happen this time; production lines were still affected but with different constraints – for example, reduced numbers of people and social distancing. There were fewer opportunities to get on site and tear things down this time. So, the two events both had a big impact on business but had two remarkably different outcomes based on restrictions and government legislation.”


The cross‐selling potential of Action Can’s 7‐strong Twin‐Spray range represents a big opportunity for trade counters and distributors, explains Neale.

“Aerosols provide added value to every transaction – people don’t tend to stop just for an aerosol spray yet they are often required to complete the job: whether a solvent degreaser, a lubricant or anti‐corrosion product.” That’s a key message for both trade counters and users ‘Don’t forget the solutions and sprays’.

“Remind customers when they come in for drill bits that they are probably going to want a cutting oil. Or if they come in for a power tool, they are probably going to want AC‐90 spray as well. Not only does this ensure the customer gets everything they need in one visit; the average transaction value for the distributor is lifted. If you can add it for 50, 60 or 100 customers, there is a significant turnover contribution that was not there before: with reduced footfall, distributors should maximise every sale, including PPE. It just makes sense.”

Action Can’s slogan summarises its products and approach to market perfectly: “In the right hands, Action Can is a power tool. If you think of high spec tools for the serious professional and engineer, think Action Can.” It’s an easy to identify, easy to select, high confidence product range that meets all their requirements for any given job.

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