Selco ramps up recycling to boost sustainability

Selco has introduced an enhanced recycling strategy across the business, based from its Lightside Distribution Centre (LDC) based in Oxfordshire.

All plastic and cardboard from Selco's 70 UK branches is returned to the LDC where Selco, in conjunction with its warehouse and distribution services partner Unipart, will ensure all waste is recycled.

Craig Ducker, Head of Operational Projects at Selco, said: “Developing and enhancing sustainable operations is a huge priority within Selco and we are moving at rapid speed on a host of projects. One of those is recycling and we are delighted to fully launch our LDC programme.

“It means whenever a branch receives a delivery, which is multiple times a week, it can send back all its waste and cardboard to the LDC where it is packaged up for recycling.

“The programme has already been launched and it is working extremely well. We are very confident it will bring substantial benefits when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint.

"As a fast-growing company, we have a long-term strategy to operate sustainably and reduce our carbon footprint in the communities in which we operate and this is another step on the road towards achieving that.”

Ducker revealed proposals are being drawn up to enhance the in-branch recycling programme with a view to that being introduced in 2022. Selco has been seeking a reduction of its carbon footprint by planting a Selco Forest near Jedburgh in the Scottish Borders – planting more than 100,000 trees to offset the carbon generated by two years of customer deliveries – and increasingly turning to alternative fuel vehicles in its transport fleet, including Compressed Natural Gas vehicles.

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