Light up your sales: 4 torch and lighting brands to stock this autumn

FOCUS: It’s always the right time of the year for a new torch or lighting if your customers are stuck working in a cellar or loft, but the peak sales period for the aforementioned is undoubtedly right now. We collate some of the available offerings.


LED torch brand COAST is launching two big new promo products for the autumn/winter peak sales period, bolstered by special promo CDU packs offering end users a 20% saving during the initial launch period.

First up, the HP7-XDL is a low cost, lightweight, slide-focusing LED torch. The patented COAST long range optic provides a beam distance up to 270 metres (almost three football pitches) and users can switch between long range spot beam to ultra-wide flood with the one hand slide. It comes with the COAST five year warranty and the LED chip is further guaranteed for 100,000 hours of service life The torch runs 240 lumens on high, with a 270 m max beam and five5 hr run time (70 lumens on low, with a 147 m max beam and 17 hr run-time).

The FL13R is a low-cost, rechargeable head torch with COB LED Light. It features high and low white, red (anti-glare) and flashing red (signal/personal safety) lights. With a 180° pivoting head, the head torch comes with a USB charger lead and clips for optional attachment to helmets. With the same guarantees as the HP7-ZDL above, it runs a max 270 lumens on high, with a five hour battery run time (85 Lumen on low runs for 10 hours).

Supplied in six-piece CDU Packs at a special end user launch price of £19.95 (20% saving on the standard list price of £24.95). Products are individually packed in attractive ‘Try-Me Clam-Packs’, allowing customers to test the products in the pack before buying.

To find out more contact BBB Investments via 01858 410551 or


Faithfull’s extensive and expanding range of torches and work lights now includes the Rechargeable LED Work Light, a robust, cool and compact light that offers three levels of output - 100%, 50% and 25%, providing 900, 450 or 255 lumens of light.

The Rechargeable Work Light has been designed with tradespeople in mind to use for work onsite or inside where there is poor or no lighting at all. Compact enough to be easily stored during transit (and won’t get in the way during use), the light uses SMD LED tech, with 10W of bright but glare-free light. Unlike traditional site lights, this one does not emit heat, so glass is cool to the touch and plasterers won’t have to worry about lighting drying plaster out too quickly.

The sturdy steel stand is fitted with four powerful magnets and an ergonomically designed moulded grip. The head can be set at any angle via the friction thumb turn knobs so tradesfolk can get the light exactly where they want it. A power bank USB port enables users to charge phones and the light is water resistant to IP65 standard.


Petzl first invented a mountaineering headlamp in 1973 and the brand hasn’t looked back since. New technologies have allowed Petzl to invent and design headlamps that are ever more powerful, more lightweight and better adapted to the needs of users while maintaining what the brand says are class leading light outputs and beam patterns.

The new DIY range of headlamps bring Petzl’s lighting expertise to four models from 250-450 lumens which are all compatible with the Core rechargeable battery, thanks to the Hybrid Concept design.

  • HF10 - 250 lumens. Simple, compact headlamp for proximity lighting.
  • HF20 - 300 lumens. Compact headlamp for proximity lighting with the addition of a red light and phosphorescent reflector to help you find it in the dark.
  • HF40 - 350 lumens. Compact, powerful multi-beam headlamp with red lighting.
  • HF40R - 450 lumens. Rechargeable, compact multibeam headlamp with red lighting.

Petzl is aiming to bring these new-to-the-market headlamps to merchants and DIY stores. The firm said its mission is to create innovative tools and services that allow men and women to progress, position, and protect
themselves in vertical environments, as well as to light their way in the dark. More details here


Earlier this year, NightSearcher released an upgraded version of its Solaris Lite, which has been upgraded to 20,000 lumens, with a runtime of up to 32hrs. The brand says this floodlight can be be set up in less than a minute and is made of the toughest ABS plastic housing, to ensure long operating life and reliability in all settings.

All Solaris models produce no heat and operate silently, offering an ideal lightweight alternative to halogen floodlights running off a generator. No maintenance is required and they can be left in any state of charge.
There’s a shoulder strap for easy portability, a storage compartment, a 50 metre beam, swivel and tilting head, battery status indicator and a 1.7 metre extension pole.