Software firm sales-i revamps identity and website

Solihull-based company, sales-i unveil its new identity with an updated logo, new website design and a trade media campaign.

Paul Black, CEO and Co-Founder said: “Like many businesses facing the global pandemic, we have had to adapt to new ways of working over the last few months – relying heavily on technology and teamwork as we pivoted to remote working. To be able to launch a refreshed brand, whilst continuing to develop our product and services, during this period is a testament to the commitment of the global team at sales-i.”

“Now, customers and prospects from each sector can experience a more targeted, personalised and streamlined way of sourcing sales information, training and product updates which ultimately will provide the knowledge and confidence for sales-i users to sell smarter every day,” Black continued.

Mark McDonagh, Head of Communications, added: “We always planned to launch the rebrand this year, but we held back until the economies in our key global markets began to adapt to the new business environment. However, today, we are proud to launch the updated and innovative look of sales-i. This new identity has been modified to align with the direction sales-i is now taking, and with these upgrades, we will have a real point of difference in the sales enablement market.”

“The brand refresh reflects our core value, that even though we provide cutting-edge tech, people are still at the heart of what we do, whether that is a sales professional working with customers, or our colleagues delivering the product here at sales-i. One of the supporting objectives of the rebrand was to deliver more personalisation of content, making it relevant and specific to each audience. The new website will allow us to increase the tailored nature of what we create, adding even more value to the content we produce,” said McDonagh.

“2020 has been a difficult year for many businesses so far, but at sales-i, we will continue to evolve, adapt and develop the performance of our products and services to ensure our customers are always confident that sales-i is delivering what they need. From the efficiency of our software, to the user-friendly experience on our website – we are always working to improve and do better.”

The rebrand will be supported by an international trade media campaign that is running from September to the end of 2020 and focuses on the manufacturing, distribution and wholesale sectors.