CAS grows with TRUMPF, GESIPA and MontiPower to 20 brands

Cordless Alliance System (CAS) has announced its partnership with three new brands, TRUMPF, GESIPA and Montipower. In spring 2021, the number of CAS partners will grow to 23 with BAIER, CEMO and SCANGRIP, with more to follow in the course of the year.

The CAS formula of one battery that is compatible with 20 brands and 200 machines and power tools is supported further with CAS Connect, an innovative system with which retailers can very easily access all brands of the manufacturer-independent battery system, even if they are not listed in their standard range.

In 2020 alone, seven new partners joined the battery alliance initiated by the Nürtingen-based power tool manufacturer Metabo, and another three new manufacturers will join in early 2021.

Horst W. Garbrecht, CEO of Metabo, said: “With CAS, we are still on a massive growth path. Our goal is clear: We want to offer specialised power tools for as many trades as possible and thus be the best battery system on the market with the best specialists for all areas of application.”

And CAS is now meeting this premise even better with its new partners TRUMPF, GESIPA and MontiPower, for example in the metal trade.

Garbrecht added: "Each of our new partners is absolutely top in their respective area. With the wide range of metals from Metabo and other CAS partners such as Eisenblätter, CAS offers unique expertise in machines for metalworking."

The power tool division of TRUMPF, based in Grüsch, Switzerland, brings scissors, slitting shears, nibblers, profinibblers and joining presses for sheet metal processing into the manufacturer-independent battery system. GESIPA is an expert and market leader for blind rivet and blind rivet nut connections, and MontiPower has specialized in the surface treatment of steel and sheet metal. At the beginning of this year, other companies joined CAS: Jöst abrasives, manufacturer of abrasives and floor cleaning machines, Cembre and Pressfit, experts in cutting and pressing tools and PREBENA with its cordless nailers. The brands CEMO, BAIER and SCANGRIP will be added in early 2021.

"Cooperation is the order of the day if we want to survive in the highly competitive battery market," said Garbrecht. “Together we are much stronger. We complement each other perfectly, leaving nothing to be desired among professional users in trade and industry - and all of this within a 100 percent compatible battery system. "

At CAS, all currently 200 machines are compatible with the same battery pack and charger. This is not only economical, but also sustainable, since fewer batteries and chargers are required, and they are used optimally.

The basis of CAS is the battery technology from Metabo. The latest generation of Metabo LiHD battery packs in the 18 volt class delivers up to 3,200 watts of power and capacities of 10.0, 8.0, 5.5 and 4.0 ampere-hours (Ah).

“With LiHD we have enough power for even the most energy-intensive applications. That is why we can now operate every handheld power tool with a battery - in such a way that it meets the requirements of professional users in terms of performance and endurance,” said Garbrecht.

"The best technology and the strongest partners have a hard time if the users cannot buy all the machines in the cordless system from their dealers. Of course, it is also clear to us that no retailer can stock all 20 CAS brands in their standard range. That is why we have developed CAS Connect, a new sales concept with which we want to make it easier for our trading partners to buy CAS machines. True to the motto 'easy to use - easy to get - easy to sell'.”

Every retailer who has at least one partner in the program has access to the entire CAS program. This not only strengthens the trade, but also preserves the diversity in the specialist shops, said CAS.

Dealers can order the products of all listed partners via a central platform. This is technically solved by accessing a CAS catalog on the nexMart specialist retailer portal. “We are currently preparing to import the technical data onto the platform. CAS Connect will then be launched in Germany in spring 2021; internationalization is planned for the second half of 2021," Garbrecht concluded.

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