Phillips' new POZISQUARE uses "Stick-Fit" locking tech

Phillips Screw Company has a new fastener drive system. The proud inventor of the Phillips (PH) and Pozidriv (PZ) cruciform recesses has developed the POZISQUARE Drive (PSD) system, the latest iteration of the cruciform recess.

This recess contains Phillips’ “Stick-Fit” technology - when the screw is engaged on the bit it locks on using a mechanical feature as if magnetised but better and without attracting metal debris.

The screw does not need to be held during installation, so the user has a free hand to position any  component. PSD recesses are compatible with Phillips and Pozi driver bits.

The same Stick-Fit technology has now been applied to a sixlobe, TORX style drive system called HEXSTIX. This drive system eliminates cam-out effects and is suitable for applications where a high insertion torque is required. HEXSTIX recesses are compatible with traditional TORX driver bits.

All Phillips products with a PSD and HEXSTIX recess come with a high-quality driver bit included in the box.