Nylon and plastic fixing innovations with Bülte, Sortacase, pgb-Europe and Don-Quichotte

Torque rounds up the latest innovations in the nylon and plastic fixings sector with help from Bülte, Sortacase, pgb-Europe and Don-Quichotte.


Bülte, a specialist in plastic and plastometallic protective and fastening parts, improves engineering efficiency and the digital experience for its customers with self‐service access and instant 3D downloads. The company has recently uploaded a brand‐new 3D product catalogue online. Due to instant downloads of 3D models from its site, Bülte improves the experience and efficiency for its customers by enabling them to speed up their design processes.

The new catalogue currently offers 3D models of washers, fasteners, bushes, spacers and nuts. Designed to be able to work directly with Bülte customers’ design offices, the references are ready to be used right from the product design phases. It allows engineers to quickly and easily navigate through the Bülte catalogue to find and download the free 3D model they need, in more than a hundred software formats and versions.

The new 3D catalogue enables Bülte to be in direct contact with its end customers and support them with a personalised service.


Sortacase has introduced a comprehensive brand of British‐produced plastic accessories for fasteners and the broader woodworking industries, under the brand name BRIT‐PAX. The screw caps and other components will be packed in British‐produced plastic organisers including small compartment cases, small slide off lid organisers and tubs in order to offer 100% British‐ produced assortments.

BRIT‐PAX products will be produced in a wide range of colours to suit many industrial needs from sign manufacturers to vehicle plate fitters, and the wider building industry. Small bag and bulk cartons will also be available for most of the new range to offer a wide range of supply options for British‐produced fixings.

Don Quichotte

Don Quichotte’s Electrical Fixings range is all about easy to use, high quality products at competitive  prices, in a bid to enable quick installation and save time. The STS and STD fixings are the pillars of this range; when routing a cable, the user simply drills a hole and mounts the cable.

Alternatively, Don Quichotte’s KKB fixing is most suitable for

mounting cables to the ceiling in narrow spaces. Meanwhile, the KKS fixing allows the user to mount cables against ceilings as well as walls.

Additionally, Don Quichotte is aware of the recent legislation change in the UK regarding the requirements of the 18th edition wiring regulations, which state that cable may only be routed by metal clamps. The company has therefore developed a product which meets these requirements: the KKM Metal Cable Clamp.


Included in the new range from pgb‐Polska, the SMART universal plug XUP comes packed together with screws. pgb‐Polska is the company’s 8,000 metres squared Poland facility which specialises in manufacturing nylon anchoring systems.

The XUP is a nylon plug made from high quality polyamide PA 6. The plug, with its four expansion zones, ensures optimal and safe anchoring. It expands in solid substrates and forms a strong knot in hollow panels and building materials, making it easy for customers to choose the right plug even if they don’t know what material the wall is made out of. The collar prevents the plug from slipping into the drill hole.

The plug is available in sizes 5mm to 14mm, and there is also a longer version: the SMART UP. Thanks to its strong anti‐rotational wings on the neck of the plug and the large collar, this is a very suitable plug for panel‐based materials as well as hollow masonry.