INDEX reveals new corporate image, logo and slogan, "A Perfect Fixing"

Manufacturer and distributor of fixing systems INDEX has unveiled a new corporate image, including a new logo and new slogan - “A PERFECT FIXING”.

The business said the changes are part of a fine-tuning process at all levels, reflected through the most visual elements of the company, its logo and its different advertising channels.

Presenting INDEX with a more emphatic, robust and architectural image, the new corporate logo uses a clear, legible and modern font, setting the brand on a solid footing for the future, INDEX said.

Meanwhile, the new slogan “A perfect fixing” emphasises the focus on service and innovation, providing what the firm said is the perfect fixing system for each of its customers’ needs.

INDEX will be rolling out its new identity gradually across its digital channels, packaging and other corporate materials.

INDEX’s General Manager Valentín Gómez said the pursuit of excellence, perfection and differentiation are the most important factors to the success of any company in a globalised world: “INDEX has become a world leader in the world of fixing systems through constant streamlining, investment, vision of the future and a clear commitment to offering better service to our customers every day."

The company's Marketing Director Koldo Cámara explained that the brand restyling reflects INDEX's increasingly global and current reality: “This new identity will strengthen INDEX's commitment to its customers to offer them better global solutions while maintaining our service focus, and that is exactly what we plan to do: allow them to take advantage of any opportunities that present themselves."