HECO Academy trained 1,000 this year; seminars updated for 2018

Around 1,000 participants attended seminars at HECO's Academy this year.

Founded over a decade ago, the Academy offers specialist retailers and craftsmen a varied seminar programme to help solve the many challenges to finding the right screw for a particular application.

Screw applications are diverse, with different assembly requirements for carpenters and roofers. When choosing a screw many questions arise: Which type of screw is suitable for which connection? What advantages do solid and partially threaded screws offer? How do screw anchors work in concrete? HECO shares its specialist knowledge to answer all those questions and more via its seminar programme, which has been updated for 2018. The seminar brochure is free of charge for HECO customers can be downloaded at www.heco-schrauben.de under the heading "HECO Academy".

"In our seminars, the participants get to know our fastening products and their application possibilities very well and can immediately apply this knowledge in their daily work - whether as consultants or in use on the construction site," said Andreas Hettich, Head of Product Management and Marketing. "This not only benefits the specialist dealers and users from our further training, but ultimately also the customers for whom our products are fitting appropriately. "

Training for specialist dealers and craftsmen

The HECO training offer is divided into target group-specific trade and user seminars.

Retailers have the opportunity to be trained in two-stages, with a two-day basic seminar that provides an overview of the HECO product portfolio to give confidence in the appearance and advice to end consumers. HECO offers users practice-oriented training in which the products presented can be tested directly in the in-house workshop. The user seminars are also divided into the three departments of timber construction, furniture and interior design and dowel technology.

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