Bufab opens Industrias Bufab De Mexico

A new Bufab company has been established in Mexico, Industrias Bufab De Mexico.

Referenced in its Q3 financial report, the creation of the new Mexico facility will be used to locally serve existing and new customers. Bufab said it can increase its offer and services to become a preferred supplier within C-Parts in the North of South America.

Roberto Mora will be the Country Manager for the company and initially will work closely together with Bufab USA. He has worked for over 18 years in the fastener industry as a Branch Manager and Regional Sales Manager, starting up two North American companies in Mexico.

"I am very excited about my new position as Country Manager of BUFAB Mexico," said Mora. "I see a huge potential in Mexico because of the continuous Industry growth over the last two decades. The closeness and commercial relationship with the North American market combined with the competitiveness and broad product line of BUFAB will be the key for our success."