Union Fasteners: Speedy solutions for 2020 trading

Union Fasteners, a manufacturer and distributor of industrial fasteners, produces made-to-order fastener solutions for a wide range of specialist and difficult-to-machine metals. Managing Director Jonathan Neate offers his insight into the challenges facing the global fastener market as we approach 2020, and a whole new international trade landscape.

As the country gets set to leave the European Union, and therefore the EU Customs Union, a new customs arrangement that favourably positions the UK as a trade partner is essential.

Whilst forging new trade relationships in an economic climate of uncertainty is no easy task, Union Fasteners is a supplier of made-to-order fasteners to global markets that expect a frictionless operation, plus a quick turnaround and delivery.

The manufacturing sector accounts for about 10% of the UK economy and the current (at time of press) vagueness regarding future border arrangements remains a concern for many exporters across the UK.

One thing that is certain, is Union Fasteners’ approach to continuous improvement, aligning their systems and processes to best facilitate fast manufacturing and to fulfil customers’ needs in an ever-changing environment.

Union Fasteners is dedicated to investing in its people and its capital assets; implementing sophisticated systems, via new IT solutions, to ensure that elements of the quotation, sale and manufacture process within its’ control can be carried out efficiently. This means that solutions can be delivered quickly and distributed across Europe and beyond to satisfy clients’ needs.

In addition to these innovative IT solutions, investment into new measuring and marking equipment has further enhanced the, already high, quality of its products.

Two new specialist machines offer major advantages to their clients, including the accuracy and quality of their product solutions. The Keyence MDX1000C three-axis hybrid laser marker is one example of new equipment adding value for customers by improving the legibility of the markings made on small fasteners by producing clear, uniform etchings. This brings, not only increased efficiencies internally with improved systems and processes, but also a whole host of benefits to customers.

Union Fasteners has also devised a method of intelligent stocking to anticipate the demands of its customers and to eliminate any unnecessary delays.

Neate explains: “Intelligent stocking is something that we introduced at Union Fasteners to ensure that we can carefully monitor stock levels in line with our customers’ needs, and utilise smart methodologies to analyse order frequencies, identify patterns and automate the replenishment of our stock levels.

“This means we can respond rapidly to customers’ needs, producing and delivering solutions quickly to clients on extremely tight schedules.”

With record orders for its main traditional material grades with a European supplier, Union Fasteners is keen to safeguard sufficient core stock to make sure it can continue to fulfil customers’ demands.

Neate clarifies: “Investing to improve is the key to ensuring UK manufacturers can stay up-to-date with customers’ needs and compete on a global scale, as well as continuously looking to improve and excel. We are taking these proactive steps with our intelligent stocking and investment into state-of-the-art machinery to pave the way to a new and exciting chapter in international trade, and we look forward to many new successful global partnerships.”