Rivit at 45: New projects, opening Rivitpoint branches & developing markets

Rivit explains how it has, for the last 45 years, been a fastening systems benchmark for everything concerning tools and machines for sheet metal assembly and deformation.

What was a small shop in San Lazzaro, Bologna in 1973, has grown to become over the years one of the worldwide leaders for the production and distribution of tools and fastening systems.

45 years ago, Rivit started out as a small company operating in the distribution of small metal parts. In the following years, step by step, the company developed its own production of blind rivets, which was expanded later to other families of products for metal fastening; last but not least, it developed a comprehensive programme of tools, creating a special department for the design and construction of tools for blind rivets and rivet nuts.

Starting 2006, Rivit concentrated on its own infrastructure: the new headquarters came first, with an advanced logistics centre, equipped with an automated warehouse. The new challenge was to start a procedure of shipping all goods from a single location to customers anywhere in the world. Then the company portal was started: catalogues, product specifications, offers and orders available 24 hours a day.

In recent years, Rivit has focused on developing exports. The network of distributors has expanded to include 60 countries, alongside the decision to open two independent companies, Rivit India
and Rivit Maroc, which are located in emerging markets where new business opportunities are concentrated.

The strength of Rivit nowadays is based on an exhaustive programme of products, where the customer can find a wide range of solutions to join and deform the sheet metal. Rivit offers a
huge assortment of fastening systems (blind rivets, rivet nuts, self-clinching, welding studs, blind bolts, cage nuts, screws, latches) and related tools for their placing (tools for blind rivets and rivet
nuts, welders), machines for sheet metal working, fasteners for roofing, metal coverings and aluminum doors and windows frames.

Those ranges are handled by three different divisions inside the company: the industry division offering fastening solutions and related tools to any kind of application in multiple industrial fields: from automotive to production of home appliances, electronics, furniture, lighting, industrial bodywork, light carpentry. The building division offers a complete range of products for roofing, metal frames, coverings and air conditioning. Lastly, the dealers division, which has developed a complete line of products dedicated to ironmongeries, tool shops and technical-item resellers and that offers a complete programme of blind rivets, rivet nuts, riveters, clamps and specific tools for welding.

Today Rivit is a worldwide leader thanks to the completeness of its product range with more than 35 thousand references; and its strength is, but not limited to, the superior quality of the products and the after-sales service that have been distinguishing Rivit from its competitors for 45 years.

Rivit products are popularly known by quality and efficiency, and they satisfy the high quality standards of UNI EN ISO9001: 2015. Rivit provides not only products, but also customer-friendly assistance to always find the proper solution for any application, as well as professional after-sales service dedicated to all the proposed tools and ensuring spare parts and warranty.

When you turn 45, it is inevitable to take stock of past and future. For 2018, Rivit has new projects developing in Italy, such as opening new Rivitpoint branches and the definition of new agreements for the distribution of different products on the domestic market, as well as new commercial agreements for abroad. Rivit will continue to develop new products and new markets, always seeking new goals to achieve.

Where there is metal, there is Rivit.it !