FOCUS: Wood, chipboard and decking screws

Torque assembles a selection of fasteners tailored for timber, including new lines and merchandisers from Reisser, Eurotec, HECO and Stafa.


For timber-frame construction joints, Eurotec’s KonstruX ST fully threaded screws maximise a joint‘s load-bearing capacity with a high thread-extraction resistance in both components – partially threaded screws can reduce the joint‘s load-bearing capacity by the lower head pull-through resistance in the attached part.

KonstruX ST fully threaded screws are inserted into the timber for reinforcement and the screw ‘takes on’ a large proportion of the forces. Benefitting from high fire resistance and the high extraction resistance, the screws also have a reduced screwing torque and a greater extraction resistance, thanks to the new drill point.

Eurotec customers have access to free material requirement software for KonstruX, Paneltwistec and more, via


HECO-Schrauben has the HECO-TOPIX stainless steel decking screw with under-head thread for fastening decking boards. Though ideal for decking, hard wearing boards (tropical wood, hardwood and tannic) are challenging for standard fasteners. For outdoor applications, A2 stainless steel screws or even A4 in the case of tannic woods are recommended.

The combination of point, head and thread geometry, material and coating of the HECO-TOPIX makes it easy to drive in decking boards. The patented point engages quickly and reduces wood splitting, while its smaller thread pitch and DS coating means it has a low driving torque. The screw's underhead thread reliably fixes the decking board and prevents creaking due to shrinkage and ‘jacking effect’. The raised head is easy to countersink into wood and prevents splintering of hardwood surfaces. It is available in A2 and A4 stainless steel (5.0 x 40 to 80mm).


Reisser aims to further increase sales of its optimum high performance decking screws in 2017 with the Mini Depot merchandiser, maximising the visual impact of the Reisser stock profile.

Reisser’s decking screw has a unique design with a deep interior hole, the Reisser Recess, providing ‘stick-fit’ connection and optimum driving torque from the power tool. Other innovations include Tornado Ribs; Threads under the head; Reduced Parallel Shank; RMB – Nano Coating; Single Thread and a patented 25º Spiral Point with Cut, ensuring leading results and consistent quality.

The screws are packed in durable, waterproof, re-usable clear plastic boxes and the Mini Depot (60cm w x 31cm d x 118cm h; 163cm including header) is fully customisable to distributor requirements and available from Reisser’s new catalogue and revised website.


Stafa Group offers total solutions in fasteners and fixings based on 40 years of flexibility, quality and expertise( Under its own brand label, Stafa Group imports Multi+ professional universal screws. Suitable for any type of wood, the Multi+ has unique features that make assembling easier, faster and at lower cost.

This screw is manufactured with a patented TORX® TTAP® drive. That means ‘stick-fit’ is guaranteed and the driver does not wobble and cam-out of the recess. Screw driving with one hand is possible without a magnetic holder and with less physical effort and pressure required. Read more about Multi+ at

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