Fastener Training Institute: Ensuring consistency with online training during the global pandemic

Words by Jo Morris, Marketing Director at Fastener Training Institute

The Fastener Training Institute (FTI) provides fastener product and technical training, with the goal of enhancing fastener use, reliability and safety. The organisation’s objective is to elevate the level of technical understanding and the expertise of individuals in the fastener industry, worldwide.

In normal circumstances, FTI offers more than 25 live training opportunities across 12 US cities for fastener and manufacturing industry professionals. In addition to hands-on training, attendees network with industry experts, participate in learning labs, take various plant tours at all stages of the manufacturing process and learn from interactive exercises. These classes are in major metropolitan cities and draw attendees from numerous countries, including China, India, Canada, Mexico, South Korea, South Africa, Germany, Taiwan, Australia and the UK.

Innovative training solutions to increase fastener knowledge

Given today’s business travel restrictions, FTI is fortunate to have an already robust Webinar and Online Learning Library platform. Online courses can keep employees engaged and foster productive, educational discussions within the company. FTI continues to expand its online offerings.

FTI has been partnering with other fastener organisations to host webinars on a popular fastener topics with a variety of formats, from two-hour training sessions to two-day learning opportunities. The webinars are led and produced by recognised industry experts with decades of experience and the FTI is also able to develop customised corporate trainings for any business.

In addition, FTI has an Online Learning Library with more than 40 on-demand digital training courses for fastener and manufacturing industry professionals. The videos are accessible on any device and both rental and subscription plans come with reference materials and quizzes. Corporate subscriptions are popular with large companies desiring to offer continuous educational opportunities to employees.

If you’re a fastener business, training should absolutely be incorporated into your company’s fiscal growth plan. Technical training and job-related skills are vital and should be recognised as a path for continuous learning. Training helps businesses keep up with modern trends and increases their ability to sell products and services. As a bonus, training improves customer service and customer loyalty.

The impact of expertise

Perhaps the biggest impact the Fastener Training Institute has provided to the industry is its certification program. Developed in 1998 with guidance from the International Fastener Institute, the Certified Fastener Specialist (CFS) advanced technical training program is the most noteworthy measurement of technical aptitude for fastener professionals.

With more than 1,400 alumni of the CFS program, the Fastener Training Institute has helped professionals and businesses nationwide advance the fastener and manufacturing industries by improving safety and championing professional development. Now more than ever, FTI is dedicated to its mission of providing fastener product and technical training to enhance fastener use, reliability and safety and strengthen the industry and its personnel in all segments.

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Fastener Training Institute & Industrial Fastener Institute Two-Part Webinar

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