Global hardware associations unite to become multi-billion euro group

The IHA, representing Hardware Associations from around the world, is to merge with the Global Home Improvement Network (GHIN) with effect from 1 October 2021.

This means GHIN will represent all global home improvement retailers and all the international hardware associations members of the IHA to create a “mega network of retailers” committed to  helping consumers all over the world improve their homes.

Today GHIN has 216 members around the globe operating in 74 countries with over 32,000 stores and members’ sales in excess of €330 billion. It will now also represent the IHA with its thousands of hardware stores throughout the world through the country associations of Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

The IHA will remain an independent network administered by GHIN, but with its own President.

Sergio Giroldi, President of EDRA/GHIN stated: “On behalf of the EDRA/GHIN Board I am truly delighted to welcome the International Hardware Association into our global network. This merger will strengthen our network and raise our profile internationally. We, the home improvement retailers and the hardware stores, all have our place in the home improvement retail community, sharing the same values and offering consumers the best possible service and safe, quality products.”

President of the IHA Jean-François Dubost highlighted: “If we have learned anything over the past 18 months it is that our industry is stronger when we come together to share interests, ideas and concerns with other partners throughout the channel. It is in this spirit that we welcome this new alliance and feel confident that the interests of our member organisations will be well represented on the global stage.”

For the past two decades the GHIN Network has brought members together to learn from each other on strictly non-competitive issues and defend members’ interests. The latest example of this was ensuring that home improvement retailing globally was seen for what it is by governments and lawmakers - an essential business, which has been exceptionally important during the pandemic. Many nations elected to allow DIY and home improvement suppliers to stay open even during the strictest times of lockdown.

GHIN said it is also committed to working closely with HIMA, the Home Improvement Manufacturers Association, and with Global Trade Fairs in the dedicated pursuit to give retail members as much support and information as possible so that they are able to offer the best products and service to consumers all over the world to improve their homes.

The merged hardware associations added: “We are convinced that all stakeholders of GHIN and IHA will benefit from this merger.”

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