Timber imports remain high thanks to "incredible demand"

Following record breaking timber imports into the UK in April 2021, demand remains, according to statistics from the Timber Trade Federation (TTF).

Driven largely by softwood - used heavily in the RMI (renovation, maintenance and improvement) sector - demand grew 103% in April 2021 over April 2020. May saw timber and panel product imports up 58% on May 2020.

TTF CEO David Hopkins said: "The softwood sector is working at full pace to meet this incredible level of demand and to help support the realisation of the CPA summer forecast for double digit growth in the construction industry – as well as the UKs economic recovery from COVID-19."

While the timber imports numbers were positive, the TTF's report noted the continuing disruption in the supply chain, with a shortage of virtually all construction materials (and skilled workers) in the UK.

Shortages are not just being felt in the construction and DIY sectors. A worldwide lack of semi-conductors has temporarily halted some automotive production lines, as well as in other sectors.

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Image by antmoreton from Pixabay