HiKOKI launches 36V Multi Volt Cordless Portable Rebar Cutter/ Bender

HiKOKI Power Tools UK has claimed to have launched the world’s first Cordless Portable Rebar Cutter/ Bender. Powered by HiKOKI’s ground-breaking 36V Multi Volt batteries, the VB36 16 DA weighs in at a portable 18.6Kg yet delivers effective AC power with DC freedom.

Rebar (reinforcing bar) is used as a tension device in concrete and masonry structures. Yet despite its strength, rebar is easy work for the Multi Volt muscle of the VB36 16 DA. To cut, users simply set the dial to the ‘Cut’ option, position the tool, open the cover, set the rebar on the lower cutter and pull the switch trigger. The tool will give you a super smooth clean cut of the rebar. You can even ‘double up’ and cut 2 x 10mm rebar at the same time.

The VB36 16 DA can also bend rebar. Set the angle of the bend with a quick turn of the dial and finely adjust the tool with the variable speed switch trigger. You don’t even need to do one at a time – the VB36 16 DA can accurately bend multiple pieces of rebar together (2 x 13mm rebar and 3 x 10mm).

With no cord to get in the way of the operator, the VB36 16 DA can powerfully cut and easily bend rebar anywhere, without the need for mains power. That means it can be used on building sites which are increasingly moving to 100 per cent cordless tools. For added piece of mind the tool is under warranty for an outstanding five years, subject to terms and conditions.

Watch the video of the VB36 16 DA in action here. For more details visit www.hikoki-powertools.co.uk

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