Messe Düsseldorf: wire & Tube and Valve World Expo 2020 cancelled

Messe Düsseldorf has announced that it has cancelled the Valve World Expo and wire and Tube trade fairs, scheduled to take place 7 December (running to 11 Dec).

The next events will be held in their usual in accordance with their cycle once again in Düsseldorf in 2022. The other events of Messe Düsseldorf planned for 2021 are not affected by this decision.

Wolfram Diener, President & CEO of Messe Düsseldorf GmbH said: “Due to the decision of the federal and state governments on October 28, 2020, trade fairs cannot be held until the end of November for the time being. This means that the last physical events of this year will not be held within our fairground here in Düsseldorf. Our hygiene and infection protection concept, which was received well by exhibitors and the focus on a European orientation of the trade fairs made the hope for a successful holding with the highest protection levels possible seem realistic for all parties involved until recently. Due to the increasingly critical pandemic situation in Germany and our European neighbouring countries, however, the situation had to be completely re-assessed. Against this backdrop and the currently high number of uncertainties on both the exhibitors’ and visitors’ part we have taken the decision to call off the trade fairs.”

The next editions of these two international No. 1 trade fairs for the wire, cable and tube industries, wire und Tube, will now be held in their traditional cycle in 2022. The same applies to the Valve World Expo as the world’s biggest and most relevant trade fair for industrial fittings.

“Exhibitors and visitors can continue gathering information on the latest news from the industry as well as trends and product innovations on our online platforms. With this in mind we are constantly developing our digital content.” Diener added.

“The decision taken today is an event and industry-specific decision that does not affect the other events planned by Messe Düsseldorf. Based on the current state of affairs these will be held. We are in close contact with the authorities and partners of the respective trade fairs which whom we will re-assess the situation to then decide responsibly.”

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