VDKM Cable & Wire West Coast event

VDKM, the association of German wire and cable machine manufacturers, is organising its first “Cable & Wire West Coast” table-top and networking event to be held in California, on November 7th and 8th, 2023. This unique event allows member companies of the VDKM to connect with those from the Western USA and Mexico regions who are interested in the latest products, services and technology available in the Wire & Cable Industry. In addition to tabletop exhibits, the event will also host several guest speakers who will provide insight into the current developments and innovations in this industry. The event will be held at the Ontario Convention Center, just outside of Los Angeles, California, and conveniently accessible from ONT or LAX airports. 

In addition to VDKM's machine manufacturers, local material manufacturers and additional providers of machine solutions from the industry will also be represented at the event. The number of exhibitors is limited to ensure high quality, meaningful interactions.

To register for the event, visit Cable & Wire West Coast Registration Page.
For any additional questions please contact the VDKM at info@vdkm-iwcea.com.