UKCA deadline looms for fasteners and fixings industry

Having successfully achieved UKAS accreditation for its new Fastener Testing Laboratory, Warringtonfire has reminded manufacturers that the UKCA marking deadline is looming, and that new or updated products planned for launch in 2023 need to be tested to be able to be sold in the UK.

Under the UK Construction Products Regulation, from 1 January 2023, manufacturers of structural timber fasteners and fixings within the scope of the UK Designated Standard BS EN 14592 must successfully complete the UKCA testing process for any new product to be placed on the GB market.

The move comes as the UK transitions away from the EU-recognised CE Marking. Products undergoing a change in their specification, for instance, fasteners and fixings that have a change in design or coatings, will also need to be re-tested to gain the UKCA marking and confirm their stated performance.

For this reason, Warringtonfire has launched its state-of-the-art Fastener Testing Laboratory, which is located in High Wycombe. One of only a select few UKAS-accredited ‘Approved Laboratory’ facilities, the laboratory can undertake assessments of performance for structural timber fastener and fixing products, so that manufacturers can UKCA mark them to BS EN 14592.

The laboratory achieved the accreditation thanks to the expertise of its technicians as well significant investment into high-calibre testing equipment, which includes a universal testing machine for compression and tensile testing, a series of bespoke testing rigs, and conditioning rooms for structural timber samples. 

The organisation will offer a range of geometric and mechanical testing procedures for dowel type fasteners from a particular group of structural timber fixings, comprising of nails, screws, staples, dowels and bolts with nuts. The laboratory will also test steel fixings used to create joints between timber components or to attach other materials to timber.

Ben Sharples, Commercial Lead at BM TRADA, commented: “The deadline for the changes in the way UKCA marking is achieved for manufacturers of structural timber fasteners and fixings is now less than two months away. While the testing process itself may not take too long, a lack of accredited laboratory space within the UK means manufacturers placing new or updated products on the GB market after the 1 January 2023 deadline should not delay with arranging testing.

“However, to further support our customer base within the construction products sphere, we have invested heavily into our High Wycombe Fastener Testing Laboratory to achieve UKAS accreditation and undertake UKCA testing.”

Alongside offering fastener and fixing testing, the laboratory can also offer third-party certification through its BM TRADA Q-Mark certification scheme.

“We have already undertaken several UKCA assessments of performance for structural timber fastener and fixing manufacturers, and I would strongly urge those who need to secure testing time for new products to do so as soon as possible to avoid delays.”

Warringtonfire's seminar at May's Torque-Expo Telford was one of the most well attended of the day. 

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