TR Fastenings launch new Plas-Tech 30-20 screws

Technological advances have become ever more crucial as manufacturing firms in all sectors of industry strive for commercial success, and key to that success for TR Fastenings is the need for superior performance fastenings. The efficient and effective operations of everything from automotive applications, domestic appliances to industrial machinery will inevitably depend on the need for reliable screws, bolts, washers, clips and more. TR’s latest product launch of the new Plas-Tech 30-20® screws is another indicator of the company’s determination to increase its range that is currently available in the market, to give their customers yet more advantages in their production processes.

Manufactured in TR’s own facilities, the Plas-Tech 30-20® has been developed by TR’s in-house technical engineering teams across global locations to complement the existing Plas-Tech® range. This new product has an optimised thread profile which gives an advanced performance in a wide variety of plastic materials to meet customer requirements. 

Plas-Tech 30-20® screws are new to the market, but are part of the company’s established and popular Plas-Tech® range, and are available with various protective coatings. They are of particular importance in the automotive, tech & infrastructure and health & home markets.

The Plas-Tech 30-20® has been specially developed to offer several advantages over conventional thread-forming screws in plastic, such as:

  • A 20% finer pitch and lower flank angle to improve axial resistance.
  • A reduced thread angle to lessen axial displacement.
  • Up to 25% higher thread fill to improve maximum joint strength.
  • A smoother installation that heightens resistance to vibration.

Key features of the Plas-Tech 30-20® include:

  • Minimal radial stress: the faceted thread profile directs material flow to reduce radial stress.
  • Superior vibration resistance: the full engagement of the self-locking, angled thread design avoids loosening.
  • High torsional strength and tensile strength: a large core thread profile provides high strength.
  • Optimal thread pitch: ensuring fastener engagement with a minimum number of rotations, keeping installation times to a minimum.
  • High reusability: the fastener can be removed and re-installed a number of times.

The Plas-Tech 30-20® screw range includes pan head, flange head and countersunk head varieties, enabling TR customers to choose the ideal option for each application. Thread diameters are 3mm, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm, and available lengths range from 6mm to 30mm. The innovative design allows for the screw threads to displace the surrounding plastic, in the process strengthening the fix. And as always, TR Fastenings can provide bespoke engineered products and a diverse selection of related components as well.

The screws can be installed with a calibrated pneumatic or electric driver and are particularly suited to robotic assembly processes. With standard drivers, installation is quick and stress-free, and thanks to their sturdy construction, Plas-Tech 30-20® screws can be reused many times over.

TR Fastenings