Snap-on launches new range of break-over torque wrenches

Snap-On's new break over type torque wrench

Snap-on Industrial’s new 3/4” Drive Break-Over Type Torque Wrench claims to reduce the chances of over-torquing fasteners.

The 3/4” Drive Break-Over Type Torque Wrench comes with a specially-designed break-over mechanism that provides a clear indication when the torque target has been reached and provides a large break angle which reduces the likelihood of over torquing fasteners.

The wrench is designed with a quick-release mechanism, allowing for disassembly into two pieces for easy storage and portability.

  • Features and benefits of the 3/4” Drive Break-Over Type Torque Wrench include:
  • Availability in three torque range options; QB4R450: 100 – 450 ft-lb, QB4R600: 150 – 600 ft-lb, QB4R750: 200 – 750 ft-lb
  • Fast adjustment with an easy-to-read scale reduces the possibility of errors
  • Rugged design and durable powder-coated finish ensure for long, trouble-free use in the most demanding applications
  • Sealed ratchet head provides long cycle life and minimal downtime
  • Large plastic hand grip for proper, comfortable use

For more details on Snap-on's new 3/4” Drive Break-Over Type Torque Wrench, call (877) 740-1900 or visit

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