Survey reveals warehouse staff shortages

More than 80% of organisations are experiencing staff shortages in the warehouse, a survey by The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in the UK - CILT(UK) reveals.

A survey from across CILT’s membership has revealed that 86% of companies have experienced warehouse operative staff shortages in the past two years. Respondents also revealed that 60% of organisations have experienced a shortage of drivers in that time too.

LogMark, CILT(UK)’s logistics and supply chain benchmarking club for corporate members, surveyed its members, and wider industry, to understand shortcomings that businesses face when recruiting and retaining staff in their organisations.

The survey revealed that staffing shortages are a persistent problem, with the highest impacted area being warehouse operatives and driver shortages also continue to be a challenge.

However, the survey also indicated there are a number of ways to improve recruitment and retention, with website advertising, recruitment agents and social media deemed the most effective methods of recruitment.

Graham Sheen, Corporate Sales Executive, CILT(UK), said:

“This survey is an opportunity for logistics professionals and organisations to reshape the way that they recruit talent, with the survey revealing that the current methods remain inefficient particularly in staff retention. With 83% of organisations experiencing staffing shortages in the past 2 years, the survey indicates that there needs to be a rethink and redesign to the way the recruitment process is managed, especially in light of the unique challenges of the past years."