Staff shortages continue

Staff shortages continue to be a problem a study by has revealed. With a record high of 1.3 million job vacancies over the past three months, many UK sectors are struggling to fill roles.

Manufacturing, construction and logistics all feature in the top 15 industries most in need of workers in the UK. Analysis of job listings on Indeed, found these three sectors accounted for almost 23,000 positions over a two-week period in June.

Top 15 industries most in need of workers:

Rank Industry

Total number of job listings on Indeed

(between 8/6/2022 - 21/6/2022)

1 Healthcare 69,399
2 Retail & wholesale 33,587
3 Human resources & staffing 27,971
4 Education 17,582
5 Restaurants & food service 11,639
6 Construction, repair & maintenance services 11,455
7 Government & public administration 9,674
8 Manufacturing 7,187
9 Non-profit & NGO 6,525
10 Finance 4,640
11 Transportation & logistics 4,295
12 Hotel & travel accommodation 3,574
13 Telecommunications 3,352
14 Real estate 3,034
15 Energy, mining, utilities 2,716
Note: Data was collected and is accurate as of June 21st 2022 and subject to change.

The manufacturing industry ranks eighth among the industries in most need of workers as it reaches over 7,187 job listings on Indeed. The transportation and logistics industry placed 11th overall, with the biggest demand for large goods vehicle drivers (1,407), delivery van drivers (678) and forklift drivers (602).

Indeed is just one platform for job listings and doesn’t take into account vacancies that may have been advertised on other sites, internal communication or other means.