On-Site Training from Fastener Training Institute

Fastener Training Institute (FTI), an expert on fastener education, is ready to take training on the road in 2024 with customisable and scalable on-site offerings.

“On-site training allows us to meet companies where they are in terms of size, scope, and specific needs. Plus, more employees can reap the benefits of training while travel dollars are saved,” shared Jo Morris, Marketing Director for Fastener Training Institute.

FTI maintains an extensive list of nearly 30 course offerings that are presented by industry-expert instructors. Courses can be taught as is, combined or customised. Popular courses include –

  • Aerospace Fasteners
  • Automotive Fastener Technology
  • Dimensional and Material Specifications
  • Fastening 101
  • Fastener Basics, Fastener Specifications and Technology
  • How Fasteners Work
  • Metric Fasteners
  • Product Training
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Understanding the Bolted Joint
  • Understanding Hydrogen Embrittlement in Fasteners
  • Using KPIs in your ISO Management System

To learn more and view the entire list of course offerings, visit www.fastenertraining.org and click on “Training” and then “On-Site Training”.