Selco launches new women’s forum

Selco has launched a new Women’s Forum to help highlight and encourage the ongoing career progression of women in the company.

The opening meeting was held on International Women’s Day in Coventry with many of the company’s 19 female branch deputy managers and two female branch managers in attendance.

Topics discussed included career paths, as well as the way Selco is viewed externally by potential female employees.

Sally Kerr, Selco’s Head of HR Operations who is chairing the new group, said: “We are delighted to have launched the Women’s Forum and it’s another important step towards us becoming a fully diverse and inclusive workforce. We’ve made some important progress in recent years and are proud that 90% of the current managers and deputy managers who are female have come through internal promotion. That shows that the career progression is there and we are encouraging all of the Women’s Forum attendees to continue their upward progression of their career path within Selco.”

The Women’s Forum will meet at least quarterly and there were also discussions about launching a second cohort.

“We hope to be able to open up another Women’s Forum for other women who work within Selco, either throughout our branch network or Support Centre,” added Sally. “We want to ensure we are getting the feedback of a broad cross-section of the workforce, regardless of their position of employment.”