Say hello to hola – Welcoming visitors at Teudeloff's website

Teudeloff has localised its website to serve Spanish customers.

Teudeloff, has, for the last 25 years, has made machinery for the production of screws. With its other partners, including Tooling International Ltd, it has focused on producing high performance products that meet the needs of its customers. Often this has included making customer-focused individual solutions in the products themselves as well as ensuring that logistics, warehousing and stock levels are of the quality needed by clients.

As a result, Teudeloff has become a competent and reliable supplier to almost all of the well-known screw manufacturers in automotive, aeronautical, construction and industrial.

In addition to the core products of Torx®, TorxPlus®, Six-Lobe, Phillips®, Pozi®, Hexagon, Multipoint, etc., Teudeloff supplies many other tools related to screw production. Comprehensive and future looking indeed.

In an increasingly easily connected world where orders can come from just about anywhere it makes a lot of commercial and simply courteous sense for Teudeloff to update its homepage to Spanish-speaking visitors worldwide. Spanish is one of the tongues used widely in international commerce (the large and developing markets in South America are a case in point).

The new Spanish homepage serves to reinforce the high level of customer orientation, that Teudeloff is very proud of. By using the site, Spanish-speaking customers, partners or interested parties can get a detailed overview of Teudeloff's core competencies and wide range of services.

Ester Rondo, Managing Director of Teudeloff, said: “The website is an important communication platform for Teudeloff. In addition, the multilingualism of our employees is a decisive factor in our success, which is now also reflected on the homepage."

To add a little bit of fun to the launch, visitors are invited to ‘find the Toro’ on the web pages. If you report ‘el Torero’s’ position via the contact page, the Teudeloff Team promises to send you a little surprise!