More from CorePlus at NMBS 2022

The brand new range of CorePlus diamond products including drills, core bits, tile bits and hole saws is bigger and better and should provide NMBS members with a greater range of choice.

Key to the uptake of this comprehensive range is the specially designed packaging that matches the product to the job in hand. The user-friendly packaging, with simple graphics, makes it easy to match the right diamond product to the job in hand and also gives an idea of the expected blade life. A star rating on the pack shows how the product will perform and the ‘Elite Endurance’ mark indicates the maximum number of cuts for the spend.

Hoping to build on an already burgeoning list of stockists, Brian Trevaskiss, Head of Product Development and Sustainability, urges NMBS members to visit the stand to get more detail on the CorePlus Range and advantages.

By using the services of Toolbank at the dealer, CorePlus products are available on overnight delivery, keeping waiting for the right product to a minimum.

All of the CorePlus range are manufactured to standard EN13236, while the Elite Endurance Range also meets the demanding oSa standard - the German Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives.

NMBS Exhibition runs 6-7 April 2022.

For more details on the CorePlus range visit