KNIPEX Alligator Range - More Bite?

Once again, ingenious product design from KNIPEX has resulted in a a range of water pump pliers that offer performance, comfort and power.

Work in confined spaces is made easier by the arched adjustment slot and the slim head shape of the pilers. The 88 01 250 pliers have 9 different locking steps so can tackle pipes up to 50mm in diameter - bigger than the regular competition.

The box joint ensures a stable grip, but is lighter than other designs. The pipe gripping jaw surfaces feature specially hardened teeth and self-locking jaw geometry that means all the effort goes into turning the bolt/pipe etc rather than wasting effort keeping the tool in place. The handle design is anti-pinch to avoid hand injuries.

The Alligator family of tools have renowned gripping and handling characteristics as well as being strong, reliable and easily adjustable. 

The Alligator comes in four sizes:- 180,250,300 and 400, to allow work on pipes up to 90mm diameter or flat widths of up to 95mm.

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