Jürgen Klopp fischer's new Brand Ambassador

Jürgen Klopp is coming home as he embarks on a collaboration with fischer that commences on 1 January 2023. One of the most recognisable faces of the world of football, Klopp grew up near fischer’s headquarters and his father worked for the family business from Waldachtal in the Northern Black Forest.

“The partnership with fischer is no conventional collaboration; it’s a matter close to my heart,” Jürgen Klopp states. The fischer Group of Companies has played a big role in his life since childhood, as Jürgen Klopp’s father, Norbert Klopp, worked in fischer’s field service for almost 35 years up until 1998. 
“It is a great pleasure and honour for our company to gain one of the world’s best football coaches and one of football’s most popular personalities as a Brand Ambassador,” Prof Klaus Fischer states. “With his exemplary mindset, his values and professionalism he fits perfectly into our team and therefore into our fischer family.” 

The collaboration will officially commence on a national and international scale on 1 January 2023. Jürgen Klopp recently visited the company along with his wife Ulla and was introduced to the company by Prof Fischer. They subsequently had a joint lunch in the company restaurant surrounded by members of staff. “It’s a bit like coming home for me,” Jürgen Klopp says.