Innovative intralogistics solutions from Dresselhaus

At the International Trade Show for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management (March 19 – 21), C-parts specialist Dresselhaus will present the high-performance DIREKT RFID Kanban system with the latest modules. The Valuemakers will also present a full range of products for the industrial and retail sectors from the new product category Tools & Technology.

Despite their low added value, they are indispensable for production: C-parts. To keep these fastening and connecting elements that are so important for production at hand in sufficient quantities and well organized for fast access, Dresselhaus offers numerous individually adaptable solutions – to be presented live at LogiMAT.

Dresselhaus RFID Kanban system – scalable, modular, efficient

The main component is the Dresselhaus DIREKT RFID Kanban system. This system combines the Kanban principle with innovative RFID technology, to allow automation of numerous intralogistics and material supply processes – thus significantly boosting the efficiency of C-parts management.

At this year’s LogiMAT, the focus will be on new, innovative features for the DIREKT RFID Kanban system, including a new Dresselhaus software solution. The software enhances the already user-friendly planning and control of the Kanban system. Its full potential is achieved in combination with the brilliant display of the DIREKTcontroller 10”, which was introduced at last year’s LogiMAT.

Visitors to LogiMAT can experience the Dresselhaus DIREKT RFID Kanban system in action. The C-parts specialist will also present exciting new products for the DIREKTblack unit.

New modules for the DIREKTblack unit

One example is the new DIREKTlboxx Rack module developed exclusively for Dresselhaus. The module allows system integration of large and lockable slide-in units with pre-configured assortments. They are designed for compatibility with the very sturdy and practical DIREKTIboxes, which facilitate use in assembly, construction and skilled trades.

Also new is a 3D-based software for the DIREKTblack unit. It allows fast planning and configuration of extensive shelf systems from the DIREKTblack range, which offers more than 40 different modules for great diversity and maximum flexibility.

Dresselhaus will present these and other C-parts management solutions at LogiMAT in Stuttgart from March 19 – 21, 2024 at booth ES15.

The Dresselhaus Valuemakers will also be present at the regional SchraubTec trade shows in Landshut (2/28), Bochum (9/4) and Dresden (11/6).